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JONG/young exhibition

13  - 28 November 21

FRI - Sun 12 - 5

The 'JONG / young' exhibition shows works by

four mid-career artists,

Robin Danely, Juliet Eccles, Vicky Hirsch, Becky Paton.

It is curated by COU COU Curator Clare Carswell.

Responding to themes in the stunning 'Young Rembrandt' exhibition held at The Ashmolean Museum in 2020, four artists review their own early work and how they have developed as artists. New works are shown alongside works made in earlier years when setting out. They are, in effect, exhibiting alongside their younger selves and in order to do so they become their own historian, after all no-one knows their story as they do !



End of DWELL residency exhibition

25 September - 10 October 21

Wed - Sun 12 - 5

Meet the Artist

Sun 26 September 2 - 5

HOME Books

CouCou hosted the Home Books exhibition of artists’ books, by Peta Lloyd, Annie Rapstoff, Clare Carswell, Rhiannon Evans

in May 2021.


The artists came together in early 2021 during the third Covid-19 lockdown as participants on Root-Home, a CREiA::: Creative Attentive Studio for a mindful art practice (online course) led by artists paula roush in Inês R. Amado in Lisbon.

The workshops were created & piloted during the first lockdown 2020 :

“The experiential course focuses on deep listening and creative exercises which have been inspired equally by mindful art practices and relational domestic crafts. The project addresses issues of self-confinement, isolation and the need for tools that support a reflective creative practice and guide us, tuning in to the wealth of resources both spiritual and material surrounding us.”

Shared processes of engagement, immersion and development, as well as consideration of the space of confinement and the artist’s book, encouraged the four artists to find ways of developing a more embodied art practice and to make dummy books on the theme of the home, some of which are shown here. 



CouCou would like to thank Inês R. Amado and paula roush of CREiA for their inspirational course and support of all the artists;  art writer Hope Collinson for her insightful catalogue essay, and all the artists for their work, resourcefulness and good heart as this project came together whilst all were living through such a challenging time.

RE_2021P1070188 Web.jpeg







Rhiannon Evans 2021

Annie R shared work imageWeb.jpg


still from a handmade artist's book

Annie Rapstoff 2021



book of a performance   

Clare Carswell 2021


'The Weeks Rush By as the Hours Linger'

(7 books each made with one sheet of scrap A4 paper on the kitchen table)

Peta Lloyd 2021

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