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In June 2024 we curated an evening of performance art by invited artists from London and Oxford at

Common Ground in Oxford

Artists: Veronica Cordova de la Rosa, Jack Catling, Peta Lloyd, Philip Lee, Stavroula Kounadea, Clare Carswell, Austin Sherlaw-Johnson & Aaron Williamson.



In July 2023 we curated an evening of performances by BIDDY artists at the Silk Mill Studios in Somerset for the Frome Festival.


Artists : Alexandra Holownia, Jenny Wylie, Annie Rapstoff, Denise Bryan, Annie Wright, Peta Lloyd, Clare Carswell, and Giddy Sticks.


We curated an evening of performances by BIDDY artists at the newly re-opened Magdalen Art Space in East Oxford in May 2023.

Artists : Annie Rapstoff, Rhiannon Evans,

Janey Carline, Annie Wright, Peta Lloyd and Clare Carswell.


Wewere pleased to also present the world premiere performance of AYA HUMA by guest artist DENISE BRYAN who worked with women volunteers from the local community to make the work.


The event also introduced the new performance duo GIDDY STICKS. 


Our first off-site programme since 2019, due to Covid, we co-curated BIDDY, a performance art programme for FRINGE ARTS BATH 2022 with performance artist & DWELL residency artist PETA LLOYD.

BIDDY promoted the work of women performance artists over 50, showing work that challenges negative attitudes and derogatory descriptions of older women, such as BIDDY.

Artists : Denise Bryan, Vortessa, Diana Milstein, Alexandria Holownia, Jenny Wylie, Annie Rapstoff, Gen Doy, Clare Carswell, Peta Lloyd



Following the success of DIG in 2018 we again worked with artist curators Sam Hall and Janey Carline of Everyone's an Artist to host SWIM, a two day performance event in Oxford over the weekend of May 11th & 12th 2019.  


Artists responded to the river and made exploratory work on the banks of the River Thames in East Oxford. Audience came to meet them as they worked and watched scheduled performances from 3pm each afternoon.


The event was part of the Garden of Mystery and Suspense for Artweeks & was open to the public.


Participant artists :

Lottie Candy, Clare Carswell, Phoebe Curry, Kate Daggett, Helen Edwards, Claire Frampton, Sam Hall, James Seymour


We worked with artist and curator SAM HALL to curate DIG, a week-end long performance art event in Wallingford Oxfordshire in May 2018. Artists camped in an urban garden and made performance and installation art in response to it. The event was open to the public.

It was part of the Last Garden of Mystery and Suspense presented by artist Janey Carline as Everyone's An Artist.

Participant artists :

Rebekah Dean, Seher Kiran, Bella Lordwarf, Julia Mallaby, Claire Frampton, Sam Hall, Clare Carswell, Emma Stevens, Katy Ullyart, Ann Rapstoff.


In June 2017 we curated FESTAL FAVOURS,

a programme of performance art, sound installation & experimental printmaking for the Charlbury Arts Festival.


The programme introduced the work of emerging artists as well as showcasing the work of major names. All made new works that met with the history and people of the town.


Participating artists : Isabel Wilkinson, Philip Lee,

Holly Slingsby, Aaron Williamson, Brian Catling, Cally Trench, Jo Thomas, Rhiannon Evans,

Veronica Cordova de la Rosa, Jack Catling,

Clare Carswell, Neil C Smith, William H Harvey.


Info on all artists and events at



An Open Studio event at the end of

Eleanor Minney's residency in 2017 gave visitors the opportunity to chat with her about her time at the studio and to view her recent works.

We were called AYYO in those days !


The culmination of US composer Flannery Cunningham's two week residency in 2016. The SKETCH installation introduced Flannery's new composition made with sensors reacting to the colour of meadow flowers she had collected suspended in ice.

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