May  2021

Call out online for artists to apply for socially distanced ART PITCH residencies between August and October 2021.


Our first event since before Covid, the HOME BOOKS Exhibition with book works by Annie Rapstoff, Clare Carswell, Peta Lloyd and Rhiannon Evans opens on 1st May for Oxfordshire Artweeks. 


Jan - Feb 2021

DWELL residency artists Peta Lloyd and Rhiannon Evans take part in the CREiA online course ROOT:HOME with Annie Rapstoff and Clare Carswell. 

October 2020

Peta Lloyd begins a DWELL residency for women artists over fifty.


July 2020

Call out for artists online to apply for socially distanced ART PITCH residencies between August and October 2020. Selected artists have to pull out due to travel restrictions from some EU countries.

Rhiannon Evans continues her DWELL residency and has been working from home during the Covid 19 lockdown.  COU COU curator Clare Carswell met with Rhiannon at the studio for the first time since March and plans are underway for an exhibition of recent work by Rhiannon in September, hopefully in the project space but if not then online. 



March 2020

Mid residency meeting with DWELL artist Rhiannon Evans. She says about her ongoing residency :


"Following directly on from the collaborative residency at Ovada last summer, DWELL has allowed the quiet solitary reflection I have needed to begin developing my thoughts and work.It’s been slow - somewhat fragmented, and slotted in whenever possible. This space, as location and position, is allowing contemplation and providing nourishment.


My memory ebbs and flows slowly and continually backwards and forwards -

time spent surrounded by productive fields- hedgerows  of disregarded treasures - a laboratory:  isolating, purifying and examining - sea : habitat and companion: predicable and unpredictable - a future of integrated and embodied circuits, systems and networks within and between this new age we have created.


I have made notes, drawings, slept, read, and stayed warm and dry."