COU COU curates exhibitions & events to showcase the work of ART PITCH and DWELL residency artists.


DWELL residencies are offered to women artists over fifty. We especially wish to encourage artists who may be returning to practice after a break or who come to it later in life.

The first DWELL artist is UK artist Rhiannon Evans who started a residency in October 2019, it is continuing through 2021. Read about her residency here.

Our second DWELL artist is UK artist Peta Lloyd who began to work with us in October 2020.

Read about her residency here.

We work closely with artists to support their art practice, as they define it, and to meet them within their reality rather than ours.


Based in our Cotswold studio we encourage artists by sharing our work space with them, or by supporting them as they work from home or from their own studio. We engage with them in whatever way best suits them as they manage their art practice within the framework of their paid work and family commitments. This usually takes the form of informal conversations around their work and can include other artists too.

There is no fixed period to the residencies. We have no funding and are non-profit and we do ask for a small monthly fee to help cover running costs and online promotion of our artists. Information on application. Outcomes such as exhibition, performances or screenings can happen at the time that is most helpful to the artist rather than to fit our schedule. We introduce artists to others in the region, growing networks and opportunities for artists.

The project space offers the opportunity to show and review new work in a relaxed and experimental way. Artists are encouraged to hold associated events such as open studio events for the local arts and wider community. We work closely with artists and support them with contextualising and presentation. Offsite events can happen in partnership with other curators and organisations in the region.


We welcome applications at any time from women artists over fifty from the UK or overseas.

To apply send images and info on your work to

ART PITCH residencies offer artists from the UK and abroad the opportunity to work at Overlay Studio in the peace of the Cotswolds countryside near to Oxford. 

Residencies are offered to artists for reflective time and research without a required outcome, although works made during the residency can be exhibited in the studio project space, or off-site.  

All projects are self-directed although professional development through dialogue with other artists can be a valuable aspect of time spent at the studio.

The residency programme began in 2012. We have not been able to host a residential residency in the last couple of years due to Covid but hope to resume them in the summer of 2022.


To read about our Art Pitch artists or to  apply for a residency go to